Professor Issachar Gilad

Professor Issachar Gilad retired from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he served as a Professor and Faculty Member for 36 years. He is the former Department Head of Industrial Engineering and Management and Head of the Graduate Program at Ariel University. After retiring from academia Professor Emeritus Gilad was the innovator of the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering.

Professor Gilad professional interests are in the general areas of Methods Engineering, Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics, where he conducted studies Work Measurement, Human Performance, Productivity, Design of Man-Machine Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. His theoretical studies, Ideas and solutions were implemented in Manufacturing, Military and Service Systems. His academic protocol and publications are in use in Academia, Industrial, Health Care Facilities, and in Rehabilitation Operations.

Over the years Professor Gilad held positions as Visiting Professor at Cambridge University in the UK, National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, as well as the University of Michigan, University of California at Berkeley, and Penn State Universitie in the USA. He is sharing his academical experience with Overseas Universities and in the State of Israel. Along many years Professor Gilad served as an advisor for the Israel High Education Committee.

In his teaching and consulting activities Professor Gilad promotes the use of Methods Engineering by practicing quantitative approaches to Human Performance. While so doing he provides a scientific basis for managing Services Operations and Industrial Productivity to maximize the benefits from technology driven by Human Operators. In his view, Work Study and Performance Analysis are primary tools in enhancing productivity from micro processes up to macro-operations. He believes that it is imperative to apply Ergonomics and Biomechanics principles to improve work strategies and human abilities.

In June 2021, Professor Gilad received the Academia Certificate of Recognition in appreciation for his lifetime achievements. For the first time in its history, a decision was made to initiate this honor for outstanding contribution in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management. The Certificate of Recognition was awarded to Professor Issachar Gilad during the opening ceremony of the 22nd National Conference of the Industrial Engineering and Management, where the chairmen of the prize committee highlighted the Scientific and practical achievements of Professor Gilad in the core areas of Industrial Engineering, Management and Economics, in the State of Israel.

Professor Gilad's academic record encompasses 170 publications in professional peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings, books, and book chapters. He participated in over 80 international conferences, as organizer and speaker. Gilad supervised 26 students in Engineering, at the levels of MSc and PhD in Israel, the UK and in the USA.

Academic Appointments

Recipient of the Award of Recognition from the Academia in Appreciation for lifetime Achievements in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Management and Economics in the state of Israel.2021
Professor and Department Head, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, at Ariel University.2017 - 2020
Head of Graduate Studies, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Faculty of Engineering, Ariel University.2017 - 2020
Visiting Professor and Research Scholar, Penn State University, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, College of Engineering, USA.2014
Visiting Professor and Research Scholar, University of Miami, Department of Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering USA.2013
Visiting Professor and Research Scholar, Cambridge University, Institute for Manufacturing Engineering, United Kingdom.2013
'By Fellow' of the Churchill College at Cambridge University, United Kingdom.2013
Visiting Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Tainan, Taiwan.2009
Area Head, Industrial Engineering Area in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion Haifa.1999 - 2002
Recipient of the Reymond and Miriam Klein Award for outstanding research for the advancements of Technology and Science in the state of ISRAEL.1997
Visiting Professor, in the Ergonomics Lab. and the Dept. of Industrial and Systems ENG. University of California - Berkeley, School of Public Health, California, USA.1991 - 1993
Visiting Professor, San Jose State University, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, California, USA.1991 - 1992
Visiting Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering, Michigan, USA.1985 - 1986
Head of Work-Study Laboratory in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion Haifa.1979 - 2014
From Lecture to Professor, at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.1979- 2016
Research Engineer and Department Deputy for Planning and Control in RAFAEL, Israel Armament Authority.1972 - 1975

Research Center in Rehabilitation Engineering

Rehabilitation Engineering is a Systematic Approach utilizing Engineering Principles towards design, development, creation of Technological Solutions – to analyze and resolve problems resulting from disabilities and provide aids and opportunities to those in need.

In the view of an individual's health cycle, the role of Rehabilitation Engineering take place after a disabled individual has been discharged from a medical institute. At this point of time their medical situation is diagnosed and defined, a set of physical treatment and medications have been advised and the individual confront their day-to-day reality and functions.

At the stage of return to daily life, inputs of Rehabilitation Engineering knowhow will be directed to provide the support needed to successfully integrate the disabled back into the community. According to published studies (AARP) the need of technical solutions derived from Rehabilitation Engineering Research relevant to 25% of the population in our society. Studies show that about 1 in 5 adults have a disability of some kind.

This affects daily function because of impairments in immobility, impairments in cognitive function, sensory impairment, or communication impairment. The need for rehabilitation strategies to optimize function and reduce disability is a clear priority for research to address this public health challenge.

The State of Israel do not have an academic institution aimed to research and development in rehabilitation engineering. Nor has a university program in the discipline of tech. assistive rehabilitation. This creates a rationale for creating a R&D Center dedicated to Rehab. Engineering with the aim to enhance Academic Knowledge and provide hi level professional that will provide advanced technological solutions for the Elderly, Trauma survivors and individuals who will benefit when troubled health occur.

The Vision

A plan has been created to address an academic establishment capable of addressing issues of Rehabilitation aided Technology, R&D activities and University level Education in the field of Rehabilitation Engineering – all under one umbrella.

The first step is creating a R&D Center, under the management of Professor Issachar Gilad. The proposed Research Center will focus on the following dedicated 4 fields of interest:
1. Mobility for independent living.
2. Prosthetics for limbs loss.
3. Innovative technology for Sight and Hearing.
4. Aids and Accessories to enhance functional activities.

The grand plan is based on 3 steps:
a. Creating a Research Center of dedicated professionals.
b. Constructing an Academic Rehab. Eng. Educational Program at MSc and PhD research levels.
Establishing a National Institute dedicated to becoming the of center of knowledge for all aspects of Rehabilitation Engineering.

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